Oriental Mart

Oriental Mart



Address:    1506 Pike Pl, #509 – Seattle, WA 98101

Main photo: Sarap Chicken Wings

This little underground Filipino food mart has gone beyond an addiction. I told Leila (the chef/owner) that I may need an intervention. I have walked by this place for a couple of year and sadly never stopped by to give it a try. I asked myself after finally going, “AM I INSANE?” How did I walked on pass this wonderful mart in the first place? Okay, so I will go on the record and say that yes, it was years of insanity on my part.

My “drug” of choice: Sarap Chicken Wings. I could literally inhale at least 20 of these. Alright, maybe not, but you get my point right? The wings are seasoned very well and cooked to a crisp perfection. It on a “only when available menu” so they only make these from time to time. However, I like to tell myself the reason they make these wings more often now is because of me doing the walk-by there pretty much everyday – no joke!

The ladies who all work here in the food mart and the gift/grocery shop that is connected to it are super friendly. Upon your first walk-by the food mart, you notice all of these handmade signs that are posted. A few examples are:

“En-oh! NO. You cannot use my microwave!”

“We do not teach common sense! Think about it!!!”

“Just don’t yell out your order unless you make eye contact!”

My coworker mentioned this to me and she was a little taken aback by it. Well, I can only imagine the characters they see in the market over time. Some may come in with demands, some may yell out their order, who knows? With the experiences I’ve had there, they have been nothing but friendly.  Okay, back to the food…

This place can sell out food quickly depending on what the special is or what time you arrive. Tourists walk by and stop in curiosity, but you can expect a good percentage of local regulars who I see on lunch break eating at the counters and chatting with Leila.

Just ask Andrew Zimmern. My coworker sent me this video here after I raved about this place and he said, “Oh yeah, a local took Andrew Zimmern there and it wasn’t even part of his filming plans of Pike Place Market.”

Oriental Mart
Address: 1506 Pike Pl, #509 – Seattle, WA 98101

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